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High quality 15 Tog duvets

 with a choice of four different fillings

15 Tog Duvets

Rolled up 15 Tog Duvet

If you're looking for a massively warm duvet that can cope with the draftiest of homes in the deepest winter look no further.


15 Tog duvets can be difficult to find, however we can offer you the choice of four different fillings to choose from for the duvets: Hollow Fibre (non-allergenic) king-size duvets, Feather & Down king size duvets, White Siberian Goose Down kingsize duvets and Anti-allergenic king size duvets.


We can also supply these duvets in all standard UK sizes including Single, Double, King Size, Superking and even Emperor.


However, if you're worried that a 15 Tog duvet may be too warm, we can also offer some interesting alternatives.  


All Season Duvets
By getting an all-season duvet you could have two duvets that clip together to make a 15 Tog duvet (or even higher). Typically, people choose to combine one medium-weight duvet (e.g. 9 Tog) with a light-weight duvet (e.g. 4.5 Tog). During winter you have both duvets combined but as the weather warms up a bit you take off the thinner duvet. When summer eventually arrives you then swap the mid-weight layer for the thinner duvet.

All Tog Duvets (as its name suggests) provides a comprehensive choice of Tog ratings for it's duvets.  For the All-Season duvets this means you can come up with your own combine any two Tog Ratings (e.g. 3.0 Tog and 9.0 Tog, 10.5 Tog and 4.5 Tog, etc.).

Partner Duvets
If one partner really feels the cold but the other does not then a Partner Duvet is the solution.  You can have 15 Tog on one side and anything down to 2.5 Tog on the other (yes - we have had customers order this combination).

Mattress Topper
Adding a mattress topper to your bed not only adds that extra layer of comfort, but it also adds extra warmth underneath you - for when it's really cold Combining a duvet and mattress topper means you can fine-tune your bedding to match the current weather.

To find out more please use the links below to get to the page for the product you're interested in, then choose the filling you want and then the Tog rating.